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In 2003, the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York created the CUNY School of Professional Studies with the purpose of meeting the educational needs of working adults, organizations, and employers. Since then, CUNY SPS has developed into a well-established school serving New York City’s dynamic marketplace through the provision of timely, innovative, and academically rigorous programs of study designed to address new or unmet needs.

Home to CUNY’s first fully online undergraduate degrees and groundbreaking master’s degree programs, CUNY SPS has found new ways of fulfilling CUNY’s mission of access, reaching students with new modes of instruction, new courses and curricula, and new kinds of learning tailored for diverse requirements and constituencies.

Drawing on CUNY’s nationally and internationally renowned faculty and practitioners, as well as industry and education partners, the School’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs, advanced and undergraduate certificate programs, and professional development courses provide opportunities for personal growth, job mobility, greater civic participation, and new ways to meet the constant need to upgrade knowledge.119 West 31st. Street

The School’s own growth has been remarkable. It has launched a dozen degrees – six bachelor’s and six master’s degrees – since 2006, and there are more currently in development. Enrollments have grown to over 2000 students in the credit-bearing programs, and the School has seen more growth in its non-credit offerings, with a portfolio of grant-funded programs currently accounting for more than $6 million. In addition, the School now maintains an active Alumni Association, has established the SPS Foundation, and, as of fall 2013, has its own dedicated space at 119 West 31st Street, New York, NY.

As CUNY SPS continues to grow, it commits itself to aligning the education it offers with the current needs of its students, always intent on making that education timely, relevant and powerfully useful.

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