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Platform – Digication

The platform for ePortfolios at CUNY SPS is Digication (http://cunyonline.digication.com). Through Digication students are able to select templates and utilize modules, thus allowing them to place a greater focus on content. In addition, this platform permits students to create as many ePortfolios as they wish, make copies of existing ePortfolios and share content between multiple ePortfolios.

The ePortfolio team will email students their account information after the drop/add period. This information will include a link to the log-in page, their username, and a temporary password. In addition, students will also be made aware of the support services available to them by the ePortfolio Coordinator (see section on Resources for Students).

Before creating their ePortfolio accounts, students are encouraged to view the “Getting Started” videos which will walk them through the ePortfolio project and show them how to create a course ePortfolio. The videos can be accessed at: http://cunyonline.digication.com/studentresource/Getting_Started.

For technical assistance with the platform please contact:

Digication Help Desk

Resources for Students

Faculty do not need to spend valuable class time teaching students how to create ePortfolios. Our ePortfolio Coordinator will work with students to create, build, and enhance their ePortfolios.  Support services include one-on-one support for students via Live Chat or email, video tutorials, workshops, and ongoing ePortfolio advisement. Students who are interested in using a showcase ePortfolio for graduate admissions or employment purposes will be connected to the Manager of Career Services, Shannon Gallo, who can review their electronic resume and provide helpful feedback.

The ePortfolio Student Resource Website can be found at:  http://cunyonline.digication.com/studentresource.

For technical assistance please contact:

ePortfolio Team

Resources for Faculty

The ePortfolio team and the Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Technology will help academic directors and instructors as they create ePortfolio templates and throughout the semester. Once a faculty member determines how ePortfolios will be used in a course, the ePortfolio team will work to ensure that the template clearly indicates what is expected of a student.  The ePortfolio Coordinator will also work directly with the student to ensure that he or she has a clear understanding of these expectations.

For technical assistance please contact:

ePortfolio Team


Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Technology

Faculty Guides

Faculty ePortfolio Handbook/Technical Guide

Technical Guides

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