Outcomes Assessment Story

The ePortfolio project at CUNY SPS has never included outcomes assessment in its design or implementation. As we enter our third year, we are reconsidering the use of ePortfolio for assessment of student learning.

Until now our ePortfolio project has focused on course assessment and assessment of the ePortfolio project itself. For example, one of our requirements for faculty using ePortfolios in their classes is to complete a “checklist” before the semester begins. The checklist allows faculty to assess their use of the portfolio, looking specifically at the students’ online experience and to ensure that learning objectives are met. We have found that the checklist is a helpful preparation but also a source of assessment.

ePortfolio helps us to better evaluate our students’ communication skills. Evaluation of student work in an online course without eportfolios is limited to the “file” or “exam” that students submit. ePortfolios include multimedia along with blog interaction, presentations of research, and a demonstration of the tools needed for students studying in the major.

As we begin our third year of ePortfolio, we are considering moving away from course-based ePortfolio implementation toward a single showcase ePortfolio that could also be used for course or program assessment.

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