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fall credit enrollment CUNY SPS largely serves a “non traditional” student population of over 2,000 credit-bearing students. Our growing portfolio of degrees and certificates fulfills the mission of meeting the educational needs of working adults. Matriculated SPS students are, on average, in their mid-to-late thirties and are attending part-time. In addition, SPS enrolls a larger proportion of female students across its programs.

While The CUNY School of Professional Studies draws in students from the national and international population, over three quarters of matriculated students are New York City residents. Furthermore, for the online completers bachelor’s degree programs, SPS regularly recruits students from the CUNY Community College network, and reaches out to those in the CUNY network who, for a variety of reasons, stopped out of their earlier college careers.

As SPS has grown and developed new programs, enrollment trends have shifted. In Fall 2006, the introduction of the B.A. in Communication and Culture resulted this program’s containing the highest proportion of SPS enrollees. The School’s current array of degree and certificate offerings at both the graduate and undergraduate levels has changed the enrollment distribution.

SPS Bachelor’s degree students must have a minumum of 24 credits for admission (previous to Fall 2013 it was 30 credits). On average, SPS Bachelor’s students enter with approximately 50-60 transfer credits. With the conclusion of the Fall 2012 term, the School of Professional Studies has succeeded in awarding a cumulative total of 532 Bachelor’s degrees. The first SPS Master’s degree program was launched Fall 2008. As of the end of the Fall 2012 semester, a total of 220 students have graduated from the various SPS Master’s degree programs.

Noncredit enrollment at SPS is largely based on the programmatic needs of the School’s partners, which vary from year to year. In addition to providing learning opportunities for individuals, these programs assist our partners, such as public agencies and nonprofits, achieve their organizational objectives. In some years, organizations may need an intense leadership development seminar for a top management team; in others, partners request an hour-long online tutorial to reach thousands of employees or constituents. For example, in 2006-2007, SPS experienced a temporary surge in enrollment due to the City’s request for the School to train thousands of employees in emergency preparedness. In the current academic year, SPS has implemented a variety of programs serving 3,727 individuals from the fall through the winter 2013.

Watch the video below to hear what our current students and alumni have to say about their experience at CUNY SPS.


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